Why You Should Outsource Your Social Media and What It May Cost if You Don’t

Handing your social media over to your administrative assistant or marketing personnel may seem like a clever move. “Who understands your organization better than your current employees?” some argue. Sure your administrative assistant may be familiar with social media channels and how to post updates to them, and her customer service skills can easily transfer to handling customer concerns on your social media platforms, but that does not mean she has the ability to craft an effective social media strategy that will drive results for your organization.

Your marketing team may seem like an obvious option, but don’t assume they’re well versed in social media either! Experience with market research, SEO and Google AdWords don’t necessarily translate into social media successWhen you need to increase attendance at an event, anyone can post about it to your Twitter timeline, but only someone with social media expertise will know the best time to tweet, hashtags and industry leaders that will create conversation around your event topic and the tools to drive RSVP’s and measure engagement. Your marketing team may be able to design a stunning flyer for a sale promotion but you need someone with social media proficiency to build a campaign around that promotion that increases exposure for your brand.

It is true the person managing your social media platforms should be able to capture your authentic voice and accurately represent your brand. There is nothing worse than someone completely out of touch with your organization trying to speak on your behalf. That’s not outsourcing, that’s stupidity. However, leaving your social media presence to someone who doesn’t have experience crafting result driven strategies and campaigns can cost your organization leads, business collaborations and a host of other great opportunities.