How to Verify Your Local Business Page on Facebook

We all recognize the blue check marks used to distinguish official pages of celebrities and sports teams. Now, Facebook has introduced similar verification for the rest of us. If you own a local business or organization, you may now have the option to have your Facebook Page verified!

Why Verify?

Verification creates a sense of trust and reassurance that your community is doing business with or supporting a real entity. Your community knows that you've gone through a protocol to prove who you are. Verified Pages will also show up higher in Facebook's search results!


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Great! Show Me The Way!

On the left hand side of your Facebook Page, you'll see how many visitors you've had this week, along with a message inviting you to verify your Page.

You can also go to Settings > General > Page Verification > Get Started to initiate the Page Verification process.


There are 2 ways to verify your Facebook Page: by entering your businesses's publicly listed phone number and having Facebook call you with a 4 digit verification code, or you can upload a picture of an official document showing your business or organization's name and address.  


If you opt to verify with documentation instead, you can use one of the following:

  • Business utility or phone bill

  • Business license

  • Business tax file

  • Certificate of formation

  • Articles of incorporation


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  • Using our telephone number didn't work initially. We uploaded a license issued to us by the State of Illinois and that seemed to have done the trick.
  • We submitted our initial requests about 2 weeks before our Facebook page was verified.
  • FYI Your phone number is for verification only and won't be shared publicly.
  • Facebook also offers Page Verification Instructions in their Help Center.

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