Guest Curator Program

Figuring out what to post on Facebook can be time consuming, and feel overwhelming. Sifting through Google for interesting, engaging content to only post with little to no engagement leaves you wondering if the time investment in social media is worth it at all. Our Guest Curator Program is designed to provide you with carefully curated content relevant to your Facebook audience. This gives you the opportunity to mix up your content, and take some of the pressure off from posting. The content we curate will look like popular articles, quotes, and interesting finds around topics of important to your community. This content will be shared as frequently as once a week or at least once per month, whichever seems ideal for you. The Guest Curator Program is ideal for organizations without a full-time Social Media Manager, or who may be leveraging an already extended staff to manage social media. Ideal Candidates should service Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Contact us for more information about this free, valuable program.