About Us

Who We Are

8Twelv is a full-service social media company specializing in Facebook Management and Marketing. We're rooted in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, also home to former Chicago Bull's Point Guard, Derrick Rose, and American Recording Artist, Jennifer Hudson. 8Twelv is striving to contribute to a community too often disregarded as unworthy and hopeless. Follow the hashtag #GoodinEnglewood (coined by Englewoodian, Rashanah Baldwin) for positive stories about the Greater Englewood community!

Meet the Founder

Ebonie Townsend is the creative force behind 8Twelv. Ebonie launched her career in social media when she joined the social media management team of Harrington College of Design in 2013 as a liaison between Harrington's corporate marketing department, and their student body community. Ebonie worked under the supervision of Career Education Corporation's Web Content Director for 6 months and went on to single-handedly manage the Facebook and Twitter accounts for Harrington, increasing Harrington's social media following exponentially during this time. You can connect with Ebonie on Linkedin.


The (little) Man Behind The Brand

                        Photo by Naja Lerus

                        Photo by Naja Lerus

The birth of Ebonie's first born child, Julian Ellis inspired Ebonie to extend her skill set to other organizations looking to create community, engagement and sales around their brands. After navigating a high-risk pregnancy, just 3 months after Julian's birth on August 12th, 8Twelv was born. Julian's life has been the driving force behind 8Twelv and the inspiration to keep 8Twelv a company grounded in corporate and social responsibility.