Overwhelmed by social media?

Organizations too often create social media accounts merely because they have become a standard. They lack strategy and vision, and the effort put into managing their social media platforms inevitably turns into time-wasting instead of community-building. Social Media should be used to provide valuable, authentic content to your target audience that turns passive readers into loyal followers. Social Media without a strategy is just texts and images. You need a measurable plan that is centered around your business goals. You need smart campaigns that increases attendance at your events, gains exposure for your brand and builds a loyal following across your platforms.

Focus on your business and let 8Twelv focus on crafting content for your community that converts passive followers into customers.

Stop gambling with thoughtless posts and tweets. We will create and curate relevant content for your target audience and craft campaigns around your organization's goals. 


We will utilize tools to keep a pulse on your social media and digital platforms; promptly responding to customer inquiries, troubleshooting negative comments and complaints, and engaging with your communities.

Having data does not equal getting insights. We will transform your data into easy-to-read reports and evaluate how we can tweak your strategy to accomplish your business goals.